Who am I?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Have you asked this question? Who am I? What do I stand for? Who do I want to be? What is important to me? What do I want people to say about me when I'm gone? How can I describe myself to others? I've struggled to write my "about me" section since I first thought I might want to have a solo practice. 

The all powerful 'they' say we are 'supposed' to have this ‘about me’ section so our clients can learn who we are. But what if who we are is in constant flux, ever changing by the moment? Then what? Maybe I don't want to limit myself to these few words. Perhaps I just am still figuring out who I am much like you may be doing.  How am I supposed to know what YOU are needing to know about me anyways?! I don't! You are the expert on your life and your needs. I consider myself a tool to help you gain insight, a mirror to help you better see yourself, and a guide to help you get to where to want to be. 

I knew from a young age I wanted to be in the mental health field, doing exactly what I am doing now. However, the path wasn’t as easy as you might think. I came to work towards that dream in my early 30s after beginning therapy for myself and learning I didn't have to adhere to the limits that my mind and others may have set for me in the past. Once I was ready, the choice was simple. 

After working in the healthcare field for ten years, I went back to school. Change isn't easy, going back to school while working full-time and navigating the struggle of just being human wasn't easy, therapy isn't easy. As difficult and painful at times as it has been to become the me I am in this moment, I kind of like this me.

My goal as a therapist is to help you navigate your own murky waters of life. I want to work towards identifying what might be getting in the way of you allowing the you that is already there to come out and be seen. Sometimes we aren't quite ready to make the change, hey, it took me ten years to go back to school! That is okay. When you are ready you will know. 

One of my favorite parts of my work is when the spark arrives for someone, or when they have been making the changes all along and finally allow themselves to see it. What an honor to be a part of that journey. I currently see client via Telehealth only throughout the state of Iowa.

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